LiveCare takes care of your heart.
Using our proprietary Artificial Intelligence
algorithms and technology, developed by
internationally renowned experts, LiveCare
monitors your vital signs and detects arrhythmias
in real-time, 24/7.
If a life-threatening event is detected, LiveCare
notifies your doctor and your family.
With LiveCare, your doctor is always close to you.
We make high-end technology affordable to

How does it work?






Embedded Artificial Intelligence algorithms continuously analysis data. When an event is detected, the data is streamed to the patient’s mobile.

Mobile App

Received data is deeper analyzed with our proprietary A.I. algorithms and arrhythmia is classified.

Cloud storage

The result of the mobile analysis is sent further into cloud storage.

Observers Notification

In case of emergency, the care-givers and a family’s member are notified. Otherwise, the care-givers receive a weekly report with the events.


1-lead ECG

Heart rate

Heart rate variability

Respiration rate

Body surface temperature

Fall detection

Body posture

Sleep tracking

Technical specifications

Accelerometer & gyroscope

For accuracy body posture, activity, fall & sleep detection, steps & stairs counting


Worn while showering, swimming

Rechargeable battery

Battery life up to 7 days

Temperature sensor

0.1 gr. Celsius resolution

Bluetooth 5.0

Connection LiveCare to smartphone via BLE 5.0


Connection smartphone to cloud via wireless

Our team

Elena Ovreiu

Elena Ovreiu

CEO & Founder
Founder of SSIMA, an international Medical Technology event; PhD in Medical Devices - France; Master thesis at Nanyang University - Singapore

Natalia Trayanova

Natalia Trayanova

Cardiologist Advisor
Professor at Johns Hopkins Univ. Pioneer in Computational Cardiology, Trayanova’s Computational Cardiology Laboratory focuses on understanding the pathological electrophysiological and electromechanical behavior of the heart, with emphasis on the mechanisms for cardiac arrhythmogenesis and pump dysfunction.

Ana Fruntelata

Ana Fruntelata

Cardiologist Advisor
Cardiologist at Monza Hospital; PhD in Cardiology; Fellow of the European Cardiology Society; experience in national and international research projects, author of journals and books in cardiology

Alfred Bruckstein

Alfred Bruckstein

Algorithms Advisor
Professor of Signal Processing - Technion Israel, Nanyang Univ. Singapore, and Stanford Univ.; Researcher at Bell Labs; Advisor at St. Jude Medical; PhD in EE - Stanford Univ.; worldwide recognized for his research in signal and image processing